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Yucheng Lin
Department of Geography
Sea Level, Ice and Climate Group
Durham University
Twitter: yucheng_geo


October 2021: I am invited to give a talk about our work for International Quaternary Webinar with my supervisor Pippa Whitehouse.

February 2022: I received my second outstanding student presentation award for my Great Barrier Reef poster at 2021 AGU fall meeting.

July 2022: I participated in World Climate Research Programme sea level meeting and PALSEA meeting 2022 in Singapore, where I met lots of enthusiastic scientists!

Hi there! My name is Yucheng Lin (林玉成) from Fuzhou, China. I am currently a Ph.D student at Durham University within the sea level, ice and climate group, supervised by Dr Pippa Whitehouse and Dr Sarah Woodroffe. I have broad interests in the interaction between ice sheets, ocean and solid earth and their impact on understanding past and future sea-level change.

Before come to Durham University, I got my Master degree from Australian National University, supervised by Dr Anthony Purcell. Within my master project, I developed a new global eustatic sea-level model using 500 more far-field sea-level records than previous study and yield some interesting outputs showing a rapid 15 m global sea-level drop before heading into the Last Glacial Maximum. Apart from that, I undertook another research project with Dr Fiona Hibbert. In this project, we developed a new technique to invert the source of meltwater pulse 1a by looking at the possible distribution of sea-level records. 

My current research focuses on constraining how much Antarctica contributes to global sea-level change from past to future. To achieve that I use physical and statistical based model and compare my model outputs with field evidences like sea-level records and other geological record. By doing this, I am lucky enough to explore a wide range of geoscience topic across geophysics, glaciology, palaeoclimatology and palaeoceanography. 

Apart from that, I have a long-standing interest in scientific visualization for general audience, especially for GIA related topic. See my gallery page for a collection of my work.

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