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Illustration for MWP-1A inversion poster at 2020 PALSEA virtual meeting

The video below shows a simplified process using Monte Carlo linear regression and sea-level fingerprinting to invert the sources of Meltwater Pulse 1A (MWP-1A) using sea-level data from six sites: Tahiti, Barbados, Sunda Shelf, Hydrographer’s Passage, Noggin Pass and Northwest Scotland. This video is supplementary to my 2020 PALSEA virtual meeting poster, if you do…

Latin Hypercube Sampling Radiocarbon Ages with Python

Radiocarbon dating is an important technique that offers insights into the ages of geological/archaeological records. One essential procedure for radiocarbon dating is the calibration process, which adjusts the conventional 14C ages to accurate calendar ages accounting for changes in the radiocarbon level in the atmosphere/ocean through time owing to processes like Earth carbon cycle. The…

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Hi, I’m Yucheng Lin, a PhD student in Durham University studying sea-level and climate change from past to future. I pretty enjoy sharing my learning experiences as well as some interesting science with blog posts. I hope some of these blogs would be interested to you!

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