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Ph.D. Durham University, Sep 2019 – Present

Department of Geography

Supervisors: Dr Pippa Whitehouse, Dr Sarah Woodroffe

M.Sc. Australian National University, Aug 2017 – Jun 2019

Research School of Earth Sciences

Supervisor: Dr Anthony Purcell

Thesis: Closing the Last Deglacial Global Sea-Level Budget by Different Antarctic Deglaciation Models

B.Eng. Change’an University, Aug 2013 – Jun 2017

School of Earth Science and Resources

Supervisor: Dr Huixia Chao

Thesis: Controlling geological conditions analysis of an anonymous Cu-Au deposit in Fujian Province

Teaching Experience

► Tutor for Level 1 Physical Geography Course, leading five tutorials for two groups regrading to five physical geography sections, marking three assignments including two writing essay and one group video. Oct 2019 – Mar 2021.

► Demonstrator for Level 1 Understanding Earth’s Principles Course, guiding two computer practicals and marking one writing essay. Oct 2019 – Mar 2020.

► Demonstrator for Level 3 Sea Level Change and Coastal Evolution Course, guiding three computer practicals and three individual students’ group projects on USA storm surges and sea-level change trends during 20th and 21st century; ENSO as an explanation for non-seismic sea-level change in Alaska; Using sea-level fingerprint to constrain changes to the mass from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. Oct 2019 – Mar 2020, Oct 2021 – Mar 2022.

► Tutor for Level 2 Climate Change: Geographical Perspectives Course, leading three tutorials regarding to integrated physical processes of climate change as well as climate change related politics. Oct 2020 – Mar 2021.

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